NTCIR-16 QA Lab-PoliInfo-3

We designed four tasks
(Question Answering, QA Alignment, Fact Verification, Budget Argument Mining)
with the aim of providing appropriate information for solving political issues.


Question Answering

Question Answering aims to generate a summary of the corresponding answers given a summary of the questions in the Minutes.

QA Alignment

QA Alignment aims to associate each question with an answer when given a question and answer in the form of a batch question and answer.

Fact Verification

Fact Verification aims to determine when summaries and minutes are given, whether the contents of the summaries really exist in the minutes.

Budget Argument Mining

Budget Argument Mining aims to extract the part of the meeting that is being discussed when a budget item or amount is given, and determines the argument label (decision, example, fact, etc.) of the content.


Important dates

Important dates
Mar. 24th 2021 First round table meeting
Mar. 29th 2021 NTCIR-16 Kickoff event
May 19th 2021 Second round table meeting
Jun. 15th 2021 Dataset Release*
Jun. 15th 2021 Third round table meeting
Aug. 10th – Nov. 12th 2021 Dry Run*
Nov. 19th 2021 Deadline for resignation*
Nov. 22th -Nov. 30th 2021 Formal Run*
Dec 6th -24th 2021 Human Evaluation*
Feb. 1st 2022 Evaluation Result Release
Feb. 1st 2022 Task over view paper release (draft)
Mar. 1st 2022 Submission deadline of participant papers (draft)
May 1st 2022 Camera-ready participant paper submission deadline
Jun. 14th – 17th 2022 NTCIR-16 Conference & EVIA 2022 (in NII, Tokyo)



Kenichi Yokote

Keiichi Takamura
Utsunomiya Kyowa University, Japan

Yuzu Uchida
Hokkai-Gakuen University, Japan

Hokuto Ototake
Fukuoka University, Japan

Hideyuki Shibuki
National Institute of Informatics, Japan

Sasaki Minoru
Ibaraki University

Yasuhiro Ogawa
Nagoya University

Akiba Tomoyoshi
Toyohashi University of Technology

Yoshioka Masaharu
Hokkaido University

Madoka Ishioroshi
National Institute of Informatics, Japan

Kazuma Kadowaki
The Japan Research Institute, Limited

Yasutomo Kimura
Otaru University of Commerce


Satoshi Sekine

Kenji Araki
Hokkaido University

Tatsunori Mori
YOKOHAMA National University

Teruko Mitamura
Carnegie Mellon University, USA